Post #200 is Dedicated to Something That Needs to be Said

Well well well, whaddaya know? This is my 200th post. I'd like to thank all of you for sticking around and continuing to read even whenever I'm not the most *diligent* blogger. I know I always say I need to update more, which I do, but I appreciate all of the understanding and loyalty.

But enough with the nice stuff..

This post is about something that needs to be said.

Instagram is fantastic, and I really love the concept of it. But it has also become an extremely popular outlet to show off your fresh manicure. And not necessarily the one you got at the salon, the one you did yourself at home while watching Boy Meets World reruns.

By the way, there is nothing wrong with that.

There are certain nail jobs that deserve to be flaunted. My friend Julia is a nail art GENIUS. When she posts a picture of her nails, they are always adorable and cute. They're totally worthy of being shown off.

She copied this design after seeing it on Instagram

Cute little cherry blossoms!

But not everyone is Julia. We are not all skilled with the nail polish brush. And that's OKAY. YOU ARE STILL SPECIAL.

I want to just say that whenever you take a picture of your nails, with no design on them, and you've got the paint ALL OVER THE SKIN AROUND YOUR NAIL - nobody is looking at it and thinking "oh my gosh that is such a pretty color!".. They are thinking: Did she let a blind 3 year-old paint her nails. I have talked to so many people that don't understand this fad - and I have to say I'm right on board with them. 

Either dip a cotton swab in some remover and clean up your freaking MESS or think before you post. Just a friendly suggestion. It's not the worst thing you could do - but this is a beauty blog. These are the issues we cover.

Here's to paint-free cuticles, ladies. Cheers.