Light Summer Eyes by Rain Cosmetics

Hi everyone!

I'm back from a little hiatus and very excited to start posting again. I wanted to kick things off with one of my favorite brands, and that is Rain Cosmetics.

Rain has a quad that I have been using a ton recently and just the other day I think I kind of realized why.

In hot weather, I just don't like wearing a ton of eye makeup, and honestly - I think that's why I don't post as much in the summer. Nothing sucks worse than spending all this time perfecting your eyes and then after 15 minutes outside, you're left with heavy-feeling lids and smudgy liner. It doesn't matter what brand you use, if it's hot enough, the stuff is going to melt. It's science. On top of that, my signature smokey eye just looks heavy to me in the summer time and I prefer a lighter look.

That's where Rain's quad comes into play. The company offers a range of quads - but I am particularly a fan of the "moon" quad, which houses a frosty beige, a matte plum, a matte mocha, and a frosty lilac. If you've got blue eyes, this quad is your friend:

A smokey eye using purples and browns instead of blacks and grays instantly creates a lighter and brighter look which is perfect for summer or if you're just not a fan of that heavy, black look. Use the lilac shade all over lids, choose the plum for your crease, and add a dab of brown on the outer thirds of your eyes for at dramatic edge. The beige tone makes a perfect highlight, too - so every color you need is packed into one convenient little package. Going on vacation? Throw this in your bag and you've got every color you need for a great day or evening look. Trust me, the lilac color on lids alone gives a pretty summery shimmer that won't have you feeling weighed down by shadow on a hot day.

Another tip to beat heavy, smudgy eyes in warm weather is to skip the eyeliner and opt for a jet black waterproof mascara instead. It will give you the definition on your lash line you want without the volatility of liner in the heat.

If you're interested in picking up the "moon" quad, you can order through Rain's website here. The quads run $38.

So if you're feeling weighed down by eye makeup in the summer, you are not alone. I'll jump back to my darker eyes once the weather cools down a bit, but for now - Rain to the rescue. By choosing lighter shadows and skipping out on the liner, you can revamp your look for summer and kiss smudge eyes goodbye :)