Down with Dry Shampoo

I like a good shower, yes. I don't enjoy smelling bad and being clean is something I would say I am particularly fond of. But there are days. And if you're sitting there like "ew" right now - shut the HELL up because I know you have them, too.

To cut straight to the chase, there are some days where my hair looks somewhat greasy and I just don't have time to take a shower. Plain and simple.

So when dry shampoo came into my life, I felt something like this:

I've tried my fair share of these little wonders and honestly - there has only been one that I have said "you suck" to and tossed in the can. The rest of them do a pretty good job. They're obviously not meant to tackle a mane that hasn't been washed in weeks. If that's the case, you need a hell of a lot more than a freaking aerosol can to solve your problems. But if you have greasy bangs syndrome or your roots need a boost so you can go about your day without being judged... well, these will do the trick.

Let me give you a rundown:
1. Ojon Rub Out Dry Cleansing Spray $24
2. Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo Spray $5
3. Oscar Blandi Invisible Dry Shampoo $23
4. Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo $6
5. Tresemme Fresh Start Foam "Dry" Shampoo $5

Ojon - It's the most expensive of the bunch and rightfully so. It does a pretty freaking good job and doesn't leave your hair feeling totally weighed down. It definitely leaves a little bit of a "white residue" so if you have darker hair.. probably not going to be your favorite. Smells like baby powder - not terrible. But to me, this one had the most grease sucking power. You absolutely have to brush it out though.. so if you have curlier locks - you might end up with some frizz. You can rub it out a bit, but I found that the whiteness is really only beaten with a brush.

Tresemme Spray - I have tried both of the Tresemme dry shampoos and this is definitely the better of the two, but I still wouldn't say I recommend it. After trying other brands, I don't even really use this one anymore. The things that turns me off about it is that #1 - it's SUPER white when it dries on and #2 - it actually goes on kind of.. wet. The other sprays are almost like a powder when they go on. This is like.. more of a hairspray? Yeah, it dries and sort of does what it's supposed to - but if you need a quick fix... not the best choice. The few times I've used this, I've ended up pulling my hair back and saying screw it... so it doesn't really do the trick for me.

Oscar Blandi - It's another of the more expensive options, but I'm a fan of it. The smell is sort of similar to Ojon and I used this one whenever my hair was on the darker side. The "whiteness" is not nearly as bad as most other dry shampoos. It does give you a little bit of a tint, but it's nowhere near the same as Tresemme or Ojon (especially not Ojon). It was definitely more than just a "bang fix" for me, meaning I would use it all over my head when I needed de-greased, and it did the job. It's quick drying and you can easily work out any "whiteness" with your fingers.

Not Your Mother's - By far the best cheap option when it comes to dry shampoos. For only $6 - it's a great product that does what it promises. However, the can I had ran out very very quickly. I don't know if I just got a dud or if this is how they all operate - but I only got about 3 weeks out of the entire can... and I wasn't using it daily. It makes your hair a little on the stiffer side, but for me, this isn't a huge deal since when my hair is greasy my roots need a little help anyways. Overall, for the price - it's a great dry shampoo. If you can't spend $20+ - this is the way to go.

Tresemme Foam - Throw it in the trash. Not only does it make your hair wet (obviously), that's about all it does. I don't know what they were going for here, but consider the target missed.

Hope I helped. Let me know your favorites xo