Lash Control Mascara Review

I'm pretty sure every girl wants a good mascara. I know girls who could give a crap less about makeup and they still wear mascara. My friend Devney hasn't bought eyeshadow in like 5 years, but I'll tell you what she does text me about:


It's essential. I don't care who you are. Mascara can add that perfect amount of definition to your lashes without making you look over or under done. It's the great equalizer of makeup. The only issue is - it's really tough to find a good one. And after I tried the product I'm about to tell you about - I think I figured out where a lot of these mascara companies .. um .. screw the pooch? It all comes down to the wiper.

Meet LashControl. The mascara that lets you control how much mascara ends up on your brush. You can stop wiping it onto a tissue or fanning overly goopy eyelashes to dry them. It cleans up the mess for you before the applicator even comes out of the tube.

See those colored sections in the middle? You pinch them to remove excess product. Squeeze a little and you'll end up with a significant amount of product still on the brush. Squeeze a lot and you've got just enough product to coat your lashes and call it a day. 

The formulas are great, too - my favorite is the pink tube, which is the "lengthening and conditioning formula".. It really does a nice job of fanning out lashes & making them look full without being clumpy. If you're using this mascara and you're getting clumps - something is wrong lol. It literally could not be easier to make sure you've got the perfect amount of product on your brush. They also have a clear gloss for eyebrows which I really like because it's super annoying when you go to put clear mascara on your brows and the brush is OVERLY FULL of product. Not anymore.

You can easily layer the product without it flaking, too - which was a major bonus for me. It's a really smooth consistency for mascara.

The company is looking to add retail locations, but the list of where LashControl is available now can be found here.. Tubes run $16. If you have any questions about where to buy or if a retailer is coming into your area - contact They also have plenty of formulas in development - which is awesome since the product is officially one of my favorites now. It includes a water resistant formula, too :) Me likey.

Thanks to LashControl for the awesome opportunity. Hope you guys will check them out! xo