Humidity Stricken Hair is Not Cute.

I have the pleasure and honor of being blessed with wavy-ish hair. Wavy-ish in the sense that it's not totally wavy, and it's not really curly, either. It's just a weird ass texture. I'll tell you what it totally is, though - a huge pain in the ass.

I can't just let it air dry and be on my way. Oh hell no. If that happened - I would look somewhere along the lines of this:

..and that's actually putting it lightly.

So obviously, I'm always looking for great products to help keep my humidity prone locks "in check", so to say. There's nothing that pisses me off more in the summer than when I straighten my hair and then it suddenly rains somewhere throughout the day and the SECOND I step outside (without even so much as looking at a raindrop), my hair expands to 10 times it's preferred size. Super glad I spent 45 minutes making my hair look good so Mr. Heatmiser could fuck up my day.

I appreciate it, asshole.

Well thanks to the great people from Tigi & Garnier - there are 2 products that have made my life just a little less stressful. "Some like it hot" anti-humidty serum & "anti-humidity" hairspray have officially come to save the day. 

The "Some Like it Hot" anti-humidity serum is the absolute best way to prevent hair from becoming unruly before it even has a chance. You put it in towel-dried hair, style normally, and boom - you've given your hair a little shield of armor against unavoidable conditions. If you're planning on spending a lot of time outdoors (think amusement parks, picnics, graduation parties, etc...) - this is a great way to plan ahead. It's super lightweight, too - so if you have oily hair, you're not going to have to worry about this weighing you down and giving your hair a greasy look. Remember, though - with any serum - a little bit goes a long way.

The Garnier hairspray has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. It's absolutely perfect if you have issues with your ends poofing up  since it's available in the "flexible hold" formula (which is the one I use). You can use it without giving your hair that "hard and crunchy" feel, so it's great for "spot treatments". If you're doing a pony-tail or another style that requires your hair being pinned up - poofy edges can totally ruin the look for you. By doing a quick once over with this stuff - you're good to go. And it's a great flex hold hairspray, as well, if you do need it for actually keeping things in place. You can get stronger hold formulas, as well.

I don't want you guys looking like electrocuted house cats this summer. So please - do me a favor and pick these up. They're available at drug stores and I promise, they'll be a staple in your summer haircare arsenal :)