Eye Makeup Remover Pads That Aren't Soaked In Acid

If you're a frequent reader... #1 - I love you .. and #2 - you know that I've been taken around the block by some eye makeup removers in the past. I'll give it to the makeup industry that it might be slightly tricky to make products that obviously have to have chemicals in them in order to work correctly and have them NOT burn the shit out of your eyes in the process. I'm no chemist - but I'd imagine it to be hard. But I could be wrong.

I love E.L.F. and everything but HOLY GOD, the very thought of using their eye makeup remover pads right now is making my eyes water and I am not even joking. Probably the only product of theirs I recommend NOT buying ever.

Anyways - I went to Target today with boyfriend & we stumbled upon the dollar section. Let me also add that before we stumbled upon the dollar section, I had one thing in my hands. After stumbling occurred - I had 5. Damn you, Target. Damn you and your ways. Although the static guard and mini febreezes are fun - I'm here to talk about these magical little diddies:

Okay so this is the bigger tub (the $1 tub has 15 pads which is all I needed to start out with, incase they were similar to rubbing pepper spray in your eyes) - so I am obviously going to be upgrading my size since I think the bigger ones are only like $4 - $7. They are oil free which is another big plus, especially if you suffer from oily eyelids (which I know a lot of you do since I get primer questions out the wazoo). The pads themselves are pretty saturated so you definitely only need one to do both eyes. I hate when I get eye makeup remover pads and they're so dry feeling that they're painful to use. They don't have a weird smell to them and when I used it, opened my eye, and didn't feel pain - I knew we had a winner. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend these. For $1 - they're great to pick up to throw in your purse in case you stay over somewhere and don't have time to do an elaborate before bed face routine, or even to keep at your boyfriend's house.

And another fun fact - I had these sitting in the car the whole night while I was at boyfriend's house, and I took them out and used them when I got home and they were kind of cold and OH MY GOD it was like giving my eyeballs a mini facial! If you can keep these suckers in the fridge, I would totally recommend it! Really weird concept that I absolutely discovered on accident - but seriously - try it. I never thought taking my makeup off could actually be a pleasant experience, but apparently I was wrong.

It happens very rarely ;)