Clothes Haul & New Faves

So me and Dev ended up at the mall today, since she decided she wanted to splurge a little and buy some things for herself. I don't blame her, she just moved into a new house with her boyfriend & two of their friends so she hasn't gotten to do anything for herself lately. I, of course, needed a dress for the wedding me and Jim are going to this weekend ( yes! i love weddings! ) and new boots. So I ended up coming out with those.. aaand a couple other things - here's what I ended up getting:

Forever 21 - $22.80
I got this for the wedding and it looks weird on this girl
since it doesn't really form fit her.
But on the flip side - it fits me really well, I'm excited!

Forever 21- $9.80
Okay seriously, this is why this post has the title "new faves". I got a pair of these sweatpants, eh, like a week ago & I HAD HAD HAD to buy another pair today (I have black & blue) now because they are the most amazingly comfortable/soft sweat pants EVER. I will take these over VS's pink sweats ANYDAY (plus they're about $30 cheaper).. Seriously, if you need comfy pants - these are the end all.

Wet Seal - $19 FREAKIN 50!! (mine are camel colored)
Okay, I refuse.. RE-FUSE.. to buy Ugg Boots ANYWHERE but Wet Seal every year because:
1. They are ALWAYS $19.50
2. They last me the entire season
3. The insides are super fluffy
If you need new boots, run - do not walk - to wet seal. These little shits get scooped up QUICK every year so I'm happy to announce that I've got mine for the season. Three cheers.

Wet Seal $19.90
(except I only paid $10 since everything was buy one get one half off!)
I am the queen of zebra print and this is amazing for work since I'm always cold and need a way to spice up my lame black and white work clothes. Thanks to wet seal for this microscopic picture, as well.


Charlotte Russe - $17
I have wanted one of these for awhile since I think they're so pretty.. but this one is like semi-sheer, so the fabric is so extremely soft. I really love it. Also great for work since it's getting chillier out & the sleeves are a little longer which is something I also look for in cardigans and sweaters. Definitely glad I found this!

So there we have it.. Sorry guys - I didn't get any pics of Dev's fresh makeup but she looked fantastic. I gave her some of the darker foundations & concealers I got in my master set from E.L.F. that I couldn't use, so she said she's inspired to do her makeup everyday now! It's amazing what a little bit of foundation, shadow, and mascara can do :o) Let me know what you think of the haul, and SERIOUSLY - go buy those sweatpants & boots. YOU WILL NOT REGRET!