The NuMe Silhouette Styling Iron!

I recently had the pleasure of working with NuMe - a Europoean brand who just started offering their products to us folks in the United States. They're a salon brand & were made to fit the needs of stylists (aka - they've got it goin' on). I was given the opportunity to try out their Silhouette styling iron which promises to use this wild ion technology of the future that "seals moisture in the hair cuticle keeping your hair shiny, healthy and silky smooth." Sounds like something Judy Jetson would use & I am DIGGING IT.

Judy did have some kickass hair...

Anyhoo - The Silhouette iron has a "no-slip grip" so its got a rubbery texture on the outside, but it's really smooth at the same time. It's textured, too - so it looks pretty :) Has sort of a quilted vibe. It's an extremely high quality iron (hands down the best I've ever used) & it does have 100% ceramic plates. Another thing I noticed right off the bat was that the plates kind of .. float? I know it's specific to NuMe irons, but it's really cool because it allows for perfect alignment each and every time you clamp down. Pretty innovative.

The packaging is awesome, too. The box has a magnet closure and is made of sturdy cardboard - so it'll actually make a nice little storage bin, too. In the lid of the box (and in a pamphlet included under the iron), NuMe throws in some styling tips on how to use the iron to create different looks. This totally helped me since I was pretty clueless on how to do the curls :)

I dig an iron that can multitask because my vanity space is limited. If I have to have a curling iron and a straightener plugged in at the same time - one of them is getting knocked off of my minuscule dresser thing and directly onto my bare foot. The fact that this iron can not only straighten, but create volume-y waves and curls is freaking PERFECT. The barrels are rounded, so there's no weird kinky dent things going on, either. The Jetson's technology NuMe uses also reduces static. And GOD KNOWS I hate static more than anything. Know when you run a straightener through your hair and POOF - you pull it off and your hair sticks to your face and intrudes your lipgloss? Yeah. The Silhouette doesn't do that. It doesn't even think about doing that. Talk about winning.

So here are some examples of what the iron can do. And for the record, yes - half my head is different from the other in that first picture :P You can do big curls, flip ends under & amp roots up with volume, or just straighten for a nice sleek look. You can honestly tell the difference with this straightener as opposed to other brands in the sense that it really leaves hair shiny. Not greasy or flat - but all-around healthy looking.

This iron is definitely an investment piece. It currently retails for $300 (find it here on the NuMe site), but you've gotta keep in mind - this is a professional brand so you're going to get salon quality results each and every time you use it. You can adjust the heat & for as hot as it can get, it gets there pretty quickly. All around, I'm really impressed.

Coincidentally, my friend Sierra is running a NuMe giveaway on her blog right now. You'll get an iron and a bunch of NuMe products if you win, so if you're interested - definitely give it a shot. If you win and it's because you clicked my link - just know you owe me something somewhere along the line ;) You can click here to check out her post.

If any of you have any questions about the brand or the products or anything - always feel free to comment below or email me at I hope you're all having a great week! Talk to you soon.