Sephora's "Say Hello" Hello Kitty Palette

I am a Hello Kitty NERD. The ULTIMATE. I have a Hello Kitty build-a-bear, my iPod has a Hello Kitty skin on it, I have a Hello Kitty wallet/planner/glasses case, there is a Hello Kitty decal on my car, etc... While I am usually not a fan of cartoon character overkill - I like to think I do Hello Kitty in the classiest way possible. Nothing I own is tacky and I choose my battles with the sacred cat very carefully.

So when Sephora was like "hey we're gonna make a whole Hello Kitty line" - I just about crapped my pants. I trusted Sephora to do it in the non-cheesiest way possible & judging by the packaging, I'd say they accomplished that. They have some cute blinged out stuff, too - but I'm not paying $50 for a mirror shaped like Hello Kitty covered in rhinestones.

Anyways - I got two things from the collection. One is the "Say Hello" palette which includes 4 eyeshadows and 4 solid lipglosses. The other was a small bottle of the perfume which is apparently just called "Hello Kitty fragrance". I hope the marketing team didn't hurt themselves coming up with that one.

This is the Say Hello palette in SUPER FUN (lol). 
It's available only at Sephora & if you want to buy it online, 
it's available here through their website for $35.

So what did I think? Hmm.. Well. Honestly - I don't think it's worth $35. While I love the packaging to death (99.9% of the reason I chose this product over the others) - the colors are umm.. okay? I'm actually pretty sure I had this EXACT same quad in like 9th grade and it was from CVS. I was hoping that the line would produce some funkier, bolder shades but mmmmmnot so much. The other palette has all lighter shades (mint green, medium brown, lilac, & white) and didn't appeal to me at all - so I figured if I was going to try one, this would be it. I do think the sweet plum color is pretty, but the black & metallic gray are pretty standard and the sugarplum lilac color doesn't have a ton of pigmentation.

And uhhh.. where's the highlight color? I'm not putting lilac on my brow bone. Nice try, though. I know it's not a requirement to have a highlight color somewhere in the palette, but I'm just saying - it'd be nice. Especially since they kind of market this as an "all-in-one" kit.

The lipglosses don't get swatches. Because even though they have color in the picture - they have none on your lips. They all smell like grape & they claim to have like grape seed oil in them so I guess they're moisturizing & shit. Honestly, I'm probably never going to use them lol. Takes a good 3-4 swipes with the ol' finger to get a little bit of shine & since they're underneath the eyeshadows - I forget they exist.

Just being honest.

The perfume is alright. The bottle is shaped like her head, so once again packaging - YOU WIN. I got it with my beauty insider points, so it was free. Not sure if they still have that promo going on, but if you're interested - just ask your local Sephora chick. I got it in-store, not online. The website says it has "notes of green apple and Japanese fruits". They also claim that it will make you smile inside.Can't attest to the second one, but I can tell you that I definitely get a citrus vibe from it. Good not great - I'm more of a fan of light floral scents, honestly. But if you like citrus - maybe give it a shot. 

Overall, Hello Kitty looks better on my car/planner/wallet/glasses case than she does in my makeup collection. It's $35 that you could spend on a better quality palette. Learn from my mistakes, pretty ladies. Don't let the packaging seduce you.