Sally Hansen Salon Effects Review

I'm obsessed with doing my nails. It's extremely rare that my nails are the same color/pattern for more than a week at a time. If something chips, forget it - shit is getting repainted. I don't care if it's 2am.

So I was at wal-greens today just kind of browsing after work & I stumbled upon the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish strips. The bastards were sold out of both cheetah AND leopard print which was lame, but I kind of liked this flowery pattern they had in stock. They also had regular colors and glittery ones which I don't exactly understand. Paint your freaking nails that color. It takes WAY longer to apply these strips - trust me.

These run $9.99.. Like I said, I got mine at wal-greens.
There's enough for one set of nails. They do throw in a cuticle stick 
and a teeny little nail file.

It took me like 15-20 minutes to put these on. You put them onto bare nails, kind of fold them over the end of your nail, and then file the excess off. They do apply pretty easily, but I'm wondering how long they'll stick around. They say 10 days, but even when I pressed them onto my nails, they don't really like.. STICK. If I accidentally set it down wrong, I could pick it right back up and reposition it. I threw a top coat over them for the hell of it - so hopefully that'll lengthen their lifespan. They say to rub the magical cuticle stick over top of them to kind of "seal them" down, so I did do that just for good measure.

They kind of give me a Katy Perry vibe :)

Overall, I was happy with how they came out. I'd recommend them for sure. The only complaint I have is that there's only enough in the pack for one set of nails. The nail sizes they gave me worked pretty well on my hands, and I feel like I have average sized nails. But for $10 - I was hoping to get more than one set out of them. If you've got short nails, it might be a little hard to file the excess decal off of the edges of your nail - so I'd make sure to grow your nails out, even if it's just a little, before you put them on.

I'll let you know if they all rub off the second I reach into my purse tomorrow morning :) lol - goodnight, guys!